The Apollo Pandemic Mission Plan

The Apollo Pandemic Mission Plan

In this new post lockdown era, it is now more critical than ever that cleaning services have
been adapted to the new normal and expectations required by our clients are met. We want
to ensure that our staff and clients can return to work, knowing that the environment they
are returning to is safe and clean.
Apollo has formulated a 10 Stage Mission Countdown, which addresses these new
challenges and works in accordance with PHE guidelines.


The Countdown

10. Revised Specification
As well as the existing specification and tasking, we have now
introduced additional touch point cleaning to all multi-touch
surfaces. We have also changed our cleaning chemical to a Virucidal.
This is a powerful multi-purpose bacterial cleaner and sanitiser.

9. Social Distancing of Cleaning Staff
All staff will be advised and taught to follow correct social
distancing to ensure safety for themselves and your staff. All staff
will hand wash before and after their shift and the sharing of
equipment will be minimised.

8. Staff Attendance and Wellbeing
All staff have been instructed that if they show any signs of COVID 19
as detailed by PHE, they are not to attend work and to notify Apollo
immediately. We will further comply with contact trace advice
regarding co-workers they may have interacted with. Replacement
staff will be provided to ensure the work is still carried out.

7. Personal Protective Equipment
As well as the normal provision of PPE for staff, we will be guided by
PHE guidelines in relation to providing enhanced PPE, such as face
masks and gloves.

6. Colour Coding
We have revised our colour coding throughout the business with the
addition of another colour (white), so that clients can easily identify
that a COVID 19 clean is taking place using the new Virucidal

5. Return to Work Cleans
We are recommending that our clients carry out a full sanitisation
deep clean to their entire premises and surfaces, prior to any
reoccupation of the workplace. We believe that this will provide a
sense of security and comfort to staff returning to work.

4. Hand Washing and Sanitisation
All staff are provided with access to hand sanitiser and given
additional training as to the importance of hand washing combined
with the use of Nitrile gloves.

3. Monthly Deep Cleans
We are recommending monthly deep cleans to all high use and
extensive contact areas, specifically; toilets, kitchens, IT
equipment and phones. This is to further prevent and control the
spread of harmful bacteria/virus’. This will provide further
comfort to your staff in their working environment.

2. Supply Management
We have taken steps to stockpile the necessary PPE and chemical
required for the new and enhanced cleaning to ensure continuity
of delivery of service, irrespective supply chain issues. Therefore,
you can rest assured that your service provision will not be
interrupted by any unforeseen circumstances.

1. COVID 19 Call Outs
In the event of a suspected or confirmed case of COVID 19, we
maintain four 24/7 mobile call out teams. These teams have in
depth experience of carrying out hazardous and high infection
deep cleans through our experience of working with the
Metropolitan Police over the last 25 years working in the cell
complexes. We are able to carry out both a full manual deep clean
combined with a sanitising fog clean, which will return the
workplace to a safe working environment for your employees.

The Apollo Pandemic Mission Plan
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