Professional Cleaning – What are the benefits?

professional cleaning services

Professional Cleaning – What are the benefits?

Cleaning is a dubious task. As humans, we carry out cleaning wherever we go, whilst we spend hours cleaning at home, we don’t wish to come to work and do the same. Plus not all of us have the tools or skills set to complete the professional clean we need in our large corporate spaces. That is where we at Apollo Cleaning come in. As precision cleaning is our mission, we prioritise exceeding business’ expectations of a professional cleaning service, by providing a skilled and diverse service to take the worry away. The benefits of using a cleaning service like us may often be forgotten, so get ready to explore the benefits of our work and mission.

Professional cleaning saves time and money, an essential aspect of any business model and the success of a business’s productivity. We save you time, allowing all personnel at your business to utilise their time effectively, without the extra worry of cleaning during the day. We also work with you. Customising cleaning schedules allows us to work at a convenient time for you, minimising disruption at crucial times and suiting your business needs. Our professionalism allows the service to run at ease. Tensions at the office are always a business nightmare, especially tensions surrounding cleanliness.

Cleaning schedules, lack of contributors and lazy staff can wreak havoc whilst training to conduct an effective office. With people arguing over cleaning duties and unnecessary tensions, a cleaning provider will ease these tensions and help enforce a healthy working environment. A socially healthy environment is often the unexpected outcome of employing a service search as ours, as well as the health benefits.

Whilst exploring the health benefits, you may be shocked to discover how unhygienic an office can be. Office equipment can be 400 times dirtier than a toilet seat, with only 3% of offices sufficiently cleaning their equipment. 11% of people never clean their keyboards and 1 in 5 people don’t clean their desks before they eat their lunch.

At Apollo Cleaning we decrease the chances of potential diseases spreading through germs at the office, limiting illnesses and increasing productivity for your business. With our expert standards, we aim to give your office an incredible first impression, by using products far superior to those you get at the supermarket.

A clean environment gives you and your employees the chance to concentrate further on their work, although we can’t take away distracting employees. 90% of workers feel more productive in a clean environment, allowing your business to run like a well-oiled machine, organised and clear. We give you the peace of mind and ensure the functionality of your space.

The benefits of professional cleaning
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They value their clients and staff, which is clearly evident in the quality of work and the scope which they are prepared to cover is commendable.

Facilities Manager, City of London

To be the best at what they do, whilst retaining that invaluable face to face communication, their hands-on approach that all staff have and the personal touch makes working together a pleasure.

Facilities Manager, City of London

Apollo make my position as a Facilities Manager so much easier. They communicate, react swiftly, offer innovative ideas and their staff are so professional. What is not to like!!

Facilities Manager, City of London

Apollo are competitively priced, work well under pressure and maintain consistent high standards.

Procurement Manager, Essex

The cleaning team that Apollo have provided us with are the best and I cannot speak highly enough of the service that I receive from Apollo.

Services Manager, Heathrow

Thank you to all the team at Apollo. I cannot recommend them enough. So friendly, professional and helpful.

Office Manager, Milton Keynes