New: Swab Testing

New: Swab Testing

As part of our ongoing efforts to provide the most effective cleaning and safety to our clients, we are now introducing swab tests to detect the presence of potentially pathogenic material on site.

These tests are designed to be rapid, simple and convenient to use. They provide a fast and easy way to check whether cleaning has been carried out to a satisfactory standard by means of protein detection.

This method will give you the peace of mind that your working environment is objectively clean using scientific measures, rather than leaving it to the eye.

Please contact us if you require additional information or if you are interested in including this product into your cleaning procedures.

Swab Testing
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They value their clients and staff, which is clearly evident in the quality of work and the scope which they are prepared to cover is commendable.

Facilities Manager, City of London

To be the best at what they do, whilst retaining that invaluable face to face communication, their hands-on approach that all staff have and the personal touch makes working together a pleasure.

Facilities Manager, City of London

Apollo make my position as a Facilities Manager so much easier. They communicate, react swiftly, offer innovative ideas and their staff are so professional. What is not to like!!

Facilities Manager, City of London

Apollo are competitively priced, work well under pressure and maintain consistent high standards.

Procurement Manager, Essex

The cleaning team that Apollo have provided us with are the best and I cannot speak highly enough of the service that I receive from Apollo.

Services Manager, Heathrow

Thank you to all the team at Apollo. I cannot recommend them enough. So friendly, professional and helpful.

Office Manager, Milton Keynes