The Future Of Cleaning – Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

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The Future Of Cleaning – Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

Innovation in technologies is difficult to predict. In 2018, many predicted we would have flying cars, teleportation, time travel, and maybe even light sabres and self-tying shoes. Many also pondered with the idea that in the future of cleaning we’d have self-cleaning houses and robotic helpers.

As far-fetched as many predictions are, some actually came true. 3D printers, face scanning identification, cordless appliances, video headsets, video calling and robot hovering, are all very real, leading to this discussion on the future of cleaning in a technology-focused world.

Robotic vacuum cleaners are the subject of our discussion today, focused on the technology impacting the cleaning sector and the future of cleaning itself. Multinational corporations are currently releasing various robotic vacuum cleaners, that in honesty appear large, clumsy and slightly like mini spaceships. However, you cannot criticise the innovation that has the potential to completely change the face of the cleaning industry and our role within it. These undoubtedly revolutionary gadgets are costly, with the best machines valued at over a thousand pounds.

Also, you may not be able to expect the gadgets to achieve a great clean without a human to evaluate the job. The robot vacuums may give the dog who chases the hoover at home a little more enjoyment, but they do raise questions. Can you actually rely on these machines to carry out the best clean on a large scale operation? Plus as a business, you may need to purchase several of these gadgets to complete the job required, which would come at a greater cost than your handheld hoover and friendly cleaner to hand. Also, the multifunctionality of these devices come into question whilst evaluating their energy source capabilities.

The future of robotic functions does not simply lie in new hoovers. Robotics may shift into our everyday cleaning tasks, possibly cleaning our homes and folding our clothes.

Future intelligent devices may be able to learn, think and act, with the inevitably of robotic humans being in our everyday lives, even if they do take as long as self-tying shoelaces.

Technology is underestimated in our society, with impressive innovation taking place right under our noses. Technology is evolving every day and has become so ingrained in our lives that we no longer notice. Voice assistant devices are now in our cars, homes and we can pay for a sandwich with a finger and a phone.

Management capabilities are always evolving, with people now being able to monitor and manage technology remotely. Institutions are also expecting more, with knowledge economy focused funding driving technology smart solutions in everyday functionality.

Technology may change the face of the cleaning industry, by enhancing the relevance of the service and attracting further interest in our functions. Although these changes can cause several issues, one being the reduction of physical labour.

Smart cleaning technology is also changing the industry, implementing new equipment to help achieve the best clean and hygiene. These methods may also be better for the environment, reducing water and chemical usage. Accuracy may be strengthened, labour productivity and safety standards raised.

The future is always unclear and markets constantly evolve, but the need for clean never changes.

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